February 18, 2015

How does your Marketing Measurement need to improve?

By Paul Laughlin
wikipedia tape measure

wikipedia tape measure

At the start of 2015, you responded to our poll on goals by confirming that “improving measurable commercial impact” was one of your top priorities for 2015. Amongst the CI teams that I’ve seen, the easiest place to initially demonstrate this is in marketing measurement.

The quickest way to deliver measurable incremental profit is often to either retain more customers or sell more, either way such results make an immediate impact and so help establish commercial credibility prior to longer burn insight investment in shaping strategy or new propositions.

But to achieve this requires not only generating relevant insights (say targeting models for communications) but also robustly measuring the effectiveness of the marketing once executed. This can be a stumbling block for some businesses. By popular demand, my topic when speaking at two events this year is ‘measuring your marketing effectiveness‘.

Before making assumptions about the current state of marketing measurement in your business, it’s time for some more research. Another infamous Customer Insight Leader quick survey!

Please answer the 3 questions below and I’ll share the results once stable:


Thanks in advance for participating and helping share your experience with others in our customer insight leadership community. Depending on your answers, I’ll also adjust content on this blog to be more relevant.