technology stack
July 6, 2020

Which technology stack options do data leaders need to understand?

By Paul Laughlin

This month we turn our attention to technology stack options. Which potential parts of the diverse ecosystem of technology options do data & analytics leaders need to understand?

This question was prompted in my mind by a conversation I had recently with Harry Wilkes. On podcast episode 17, Harry and I discussed a number of the skills & knowledge needed by analysts and their leaders. How much did data & analytics leaders need to understand the technology their team used (or could be using)?

I’ve posed that question to our panel of guest bloggers, so it will be interesting to see what they come back with. Will they question the need for the leaders to understand the technology at all? Will they have a passionate view on certain technology pieces of the puzzle?

But, before I just hear their views, it would be interesting to hear from you dear readers. Given the diversity of topics we cover on this blog, I’m guessing you represent a good range of roles & opinions.

Asking our readers about the full Technology Stack

So, as we are overdue for a poll, let’s ask for your views on this topic. I hope the term “technology stack” isn’t too IT-speak for you. It simply refers to all the different types of technology you might need to use together to provide the full range of services needed.

As ever, when dealing with technology, there are the potential barriers of jargon & hype. So, what should I ask you to consider when surveying your views on the ‘technology stack’? I’ve decided to be guided by an experienced practitioner leader with a broad technical skillset.

In my review of “Practical DataOps by Harvinder Atwal, I mentioned that he ends that book with a useful overview of the potential technology ecosystem needed. So, I am going to use that nomenclature for the question.

What do you think leaders need to understand?

Please consider the need for leaders to be aware of different technology elements (pieces making up the ‘stack‘ or ‘ecosystem‘. I’m not asking about deep technical knowledge, just sufficient for leaders to understand the role of each element & what to consider when selecting a solution.

You should also note that I have left room for you to add other elements, if you think leaders need to consider another type of technology. If so, please add your answer and name for that type of technology.

Hopefully, this poll will provide a useful summary of those technology components that data, analytics or data science leaders need to know. Here comes your question…

Please choose those that leaders need to understand

Thanks for taking part in our Technology Stack leader survey

Thanks to all those who take part in this survey. It really helps to understand the parts of the technology stack you rate as most important for leaders. Plus, to see where you may use different terms for some elements.

Once I have sufficient answers I will close the poll and share those results. I’ll also guide our contributors this month, based on your input. We will focus our content based on your views too.