Voting for Content
May 17, 2022

Which content would help you in the challenges you are facing?

By Paul Laughlin

This blog was originally created to serve the data/analytics/insight leadership community. Those leaders with the dual challenge of hiring/nurturing/utilising their technical talent and driving change in their wider business. I know from my own career experience that it’s a challenging role. So, to help you all this blog & podcast share regular resources, advice & commentary aimed at this community.

But it makes sense from time to time to check that our content is hitting the spot. To take some of our own medicine and ask our customers. I’m also aware that it’s a couple of years since I last issued a reader survey to solicit such feedback. A lot of content, including monthly themes & series of posts, has been shared since then.

Please read this post and vote on the one question at the end, so I can check where our content should focus in future. I will start by summarising the themes in our content over recent years. Then it’s your chance to vote for the themes you most want to see in future. I will use the results to guide future content.

Content themes on the Customer Insight Leader blog

Looking at the data on post visits a number of themes emerge. So, I have summarised the analytics on most visited & longest read posts into their common content themes. Here are the top 5 of those themes, content that has proved to be the most popular on this blog.

1) Stakeholder Management (here are some representative posts):

You searched for stakeholder – Customer Insight Leader

At the end of another month, there is just time for one more post on stakeholder engagement. The change of term from stakeholder management is deliberate. As we welcome back frequent guest blogger Tony Boobier. In this post, Tony shares his relevant experience from the world of project management.

2) Data Visualisation (here are some representative posts):

You searched for data visualisation – Customer Insight Leader

This time of year we have another opportunity to celebrate excellence in data visualisation, at the IIB 2018 awards. The Information Is Beautiful (IIB) awards have been running since 2012. Originally created by Data Viz pioneer & artist David McCandless. His excellent Information is Beautiful blog works well with sponsor Kantar Media.

3) Coaching (here are some representative posts):

You searched for coaching – Customer Insight Leader

This year, I have had more enquires than ever, about team coaching. Whether for senior leadership teams, or managers of Customer Insight/Analytics teams, the concept is on the rise. It is easy to understand why. Many have heard the benefits of one to one coaching for senior executives, but want to find a way of […]

4) Roles, definition & advice for different roles (here are some representative posts):

You searched for role – Customer Insight Leader

I was struck by this graphic published by Visually that was trending on Twitter a couple of days ago. Although about marketers, it set me pondering about today’s hybrid Customer Insight leader. Apart from being an eye catching infographic and ringing true as to the challenge for modern marketers, it prompts an equal or bigger challenge for […]

5) Data Literacy (here are some representative posts):

You searched for data literacy – Customer Insight Leader

Sharing results from our 2021 survey on data literacy campaigns. Discover how other data leaders are approaching this challenge & using what.

10 others that caught my eye (popular content themes):

Other content themes that have made it through to the top 100 posts include:

Vote now for the theme you want more content on

Given the above, it would be easy to either seek to cover new themes or just publish more on those which have proven most popular so far. But let’s add some direct customer feedback into the mix. Please vote below for the theme(s) you would like to remain a focus of this blog. I will commission and write more content on those themes which receive the most votes.

You can vote for as many themes as you want to see. You can also add your own topics if there is something new you would like to see covered on this blog. Thanks in advance for your feedback.