what progress are you making?
August 4, 2021

What progress are you making on data literacy education for your execs?

By Paul Laughlin

Following our month with posts focussed on the broad topic of data literacy, it’s time for another survey to ask what progress are you making?

In my first post on this topic, I shared three aspects that data leaders should consider when designing a data literacy programme. Guest blogger, Tony Boobier, shared a contrarian challenge that perhaps senior leaders don’t need data literacy. Though the response on social media confirmed that most data leaders disagree.

More recently, I shared some resources that I’ve discovered that could help as part of your data literacy programme. So, a logical next step in thinking about data literacy education appears to be to survey data leaders experience. What progress are you making on your data literacy programme? Time for another poll.

Part 1: Getting started on Data Literacy

If you have responsibility for a data literacy programme or are currently a data/analytics leader within your organisation, please answer the questions below. Let’s start with the basics of getting a data literacy programme started…

Part 2: Different approaches to achieve Data Literacy

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into the resources and approach being taken to achieve data literacy education. I shared some more details about these options in my posts on designing a data literacy programme and sharing potential resources to consider

Part 3: Engagement and Benefits achieved

Finally, in this part of the survey, I’m interested to find out how your data literacy programme has gone. Exploring both the engagement experienced from senior leaders and any tangible benefits identified. Our first question in this part also recognises that these programmes often run into problems…

Sharing best practice for all data evangelists

Thanks for taking part in that poll of data leaders and those involved in data literacy education for senior leaders. This activity is a continuing challenge for many data leaders & departments today. So, I hope the results of this survey will help shed some light on what is working for others and perhaps some emerging best practice.

Once I have sufficient participation to provide useful insights, I will share the results and reflect on any implications for data leaders. I look forward to us all learning together.

Meanwhile, very best wishes to all those data leaders who are pioneering data literacy programmes in their organisations. I for one believe you re rightly focussing on a critical need for today’s business leaders. I wish you every success and valuable learning along the way.