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August 18, 2022

Results from our poll, the content you want to see here in future

By Paul Laughlin

Many thanks to all who voted in the last readers’ poll on the content you want to see on this blog in future. I actually launched it back in May, so apologies that summer busyness has got in the way of me sharing the results with you sooner.

Anyhow, there is no time like the present as they say. One reassuring aspect of your selections is that they were broad. That encouraged me as it suggests the diverse range of content shared on this blog may continue to be appropriate for our audience. It is also no surprise to me that the interests of data, analytics & customer insight leaders continue to be broad. There are so many different aspects to succeeding with such a challenging role.

So, in this post, I will share with you the top ten topics based on your votes. For each of those topics, I will signpost you to the content we have previously shared (in case that helps you now). Plus, I will commit to action on your feedback and share more posts on those topics in future. Thanks for the content guidance that I was seeking to continue to serve you with this blog.

Top ten content topics you want to see on this blog

Without further ado, here are the results from our latest reader poll:

Poll results bar chart

Due to the way this poll was constructed the bars look shorter because of the long tail of all potential topics getting some votes. So, it is the relative length that matters. These were the ten topics with the most votes.

Which content already exists on this blog for the Top 5?

Here are some easy links to the content that I have previously shared on this blog for those top 5 topics. I recognise that more could be covered especially on some of them. However, I hope these links help you get started in finding the relevant content to help you.

1) Critical Thinking skills

The single post that I most recommend reading on this is my book review of “Calling Bullshit by Profs Carl Bergstrom & Kevin West. That book is well worth a read, but check out these other posts too…

You searched for critical thinking – Customer Insight Leader

Book review of “Calling Bullshit: The art of scepticism in a data-driven world” a vital book to help you nurture your critical thinking skills

2) Data Storytelling

Posts that can help you on that topic are a short two-part series from Martin Squires called “Your Data Storytelling needs less data and more stories“. Beyond that, I have shared other posts & book reviews…

You searched for data storytelling – Customer Insight Leader

Part two of series on Data Storytelling. Why you need more of a focus one story & not just data viz, plus how to learn from South Park & GOT.

3) Agile Working

To get you started on this topic, I recommend reading my post on why “Agile working for analytics teams needs a culture change“. Plus, here are some others around that topic…

You searched for agile – Customer Insight Leader

Part 2 of our series on Agile Working for data, analytics & insight teams. Recommending 6 common practices and 4 drivers of teams that succeed with Agile.

4) Leadership Development

A very relevant topic for leaders today is Adaptive Leadership. This past book review should help you get started with developing your adaptive skills. I’ve also shared below more posts on general leadership development…

You searched for leadership development – Customer Insight Leader

One of the regular comments made about this blog, is that we focus on leadership & coaching as well as the more technical aspects of Customer Insight. Mostly this is mentioned as a compliment. Leaders especially value a focus on their role & ideas on professional development.

5) Data Literacy

This has become a popular topic on this blog in more recent years. A great starting point would be my post on “Designing a Data Literacy education for your executives”. More resources and tips for your work on data literacy (including poll results) can be found here…

You searched for data literacy – Customer Insight Leader

Sharing results from our 2021 survey on data literacy campaigns. Discover how other data leaders are approaching this challenge & using what.

What will change as a result of your voting?

I’m also painfully aware that too many surveys or polls fail to engage customers because they have no confidence that the organisation with change as result. So, it’s important that I demonstrate to you that I take your feedback on board and act accordingly.

I can confirm that I do value your feedback and will act upon it. Both for the top 5 topics listed above and for the others in the top ten listed above. Some have already been a focus and I will continue to protect that (data visualisation, coaching, stakeholder management & mistakes analysts make). Others have received less focus and I will collaborate with my guest bloggers to bring you more on those.

To get started with that commitment ASAP, our next post will be on the topic of Data Literacy. Guest blogger Tristan Mobbs will share his tips for how leaders can avoid their Data Literacy training being seen as a burden by others. How to show the benefits, so it feels much better than those ‘mandatory training’ courses many have to suffer each year. See you then & for our new content focus.