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February 7, 2020

Results of our Reader Survey, thanks for sharing your feedback

By Paul Laughlin

Thanks to those who participated in our 2020 reader survey, sharing your feedback on our content.

The goal of this blog is to help you develop as a leader. Enabling you to better develop your vision, team & to make a greater difference in your business.

To achieve that, I seek to share a blend of content. From more technical content keeping pace with the latest developments to timeless leadership wisdom. Together with recommending books & events to help along the way.

But being a Customer Insight & Analytics focussed blog, I’d be very remiss if we didn’t at least once a year asks for your feedback. So, without further ado, here are the results of your feedback for 2020 & how I intend to act on what you’ve shared…

Sharing your feedback results

As in previous years, our first 2 questions focus on checking in on our readers’ experience. Whether our content meets your needs and how easy this site is to use. Here are the results for those 2 questions in order.

Q1) Overall, how well does meet your needs?

83% answered ‘very well’

Given a degree of British reserve, I am very happy that our score is still that high. Clearly this site is meeting a need, so I will continue. Thanks for the encouragement.

Q2) How easy is it to find what you are looking for on

67% answered ‘very easy or extremely easy’

Clearly a variant of the classic CES question. These scores are also encouraging. But there is also obviously some room for improvement, given the 1/3 who only rated their experience as ‘somewhat easy‘. So, worth digging deeper into the other answers.

The next 2 questions seek to draw whether or not the frequency of posts & proportion of guests posts is meeting readers’ needs. Earlier surveys requested more guest blog posts, so it will be interesting to see if that is now the right balance. I’m also aware that I’ve posted less often during 2019, so want to check your response to that reduction in frequency (often only 1 post a week).

Q3) Would you like more or less frequent posts on

83% answered ‘about what I expected’

Well, clearly I do not need to worry about reducing only 1 post a week. Thanks for the guidance readers, that is actually a relief given my increasingly busy life (with University as well as commercial work).

Q4) Would you like more or less “guest posts” on

83% answered ‘about what I expected’

An interesting outlier, with nearly a fifth of readers wanting a lot more guest blog posts. As there are none who think it is too much already, I will seek to encourage a few more in 2020 & secure new guest bloggers to increase variety. Could you be a guest blogger? Please contact me if you are a practitioner leader & interested in the opportunity.

The next 2 questions focus on 2 other dimensions of making your visit to CIL pleasurable. Both the visual appeal of blogs and understandable content are key. For the latter, there seems to be a fine balance between not patronising readers nor being too technical or academic to be useful.

Q5) How visually appealing is

67% answered ‘very appealing or extremely appealing’

I’ve long thought that the layout of CIL is now looking a bit dated, compared to modern website design standards. But results like this hold me back from changing it. What matters most to me is what works for my readers and it seems the current aesthetic still does that. So, no change for now.

Q6) How easy is it to understand the information on

84% answered ‘very easy or extremely easy’

I assume there is a balance to strike here. Scores that find the content too easy to understand could either reflect I’m getting it right or the content is too simple. Converging this evidence with the popularity of different posts, I can see that more in-depth or technical ones are popular. For instance, the models shared by Harry Powell. So, I will look to deliver more of those.

Q7) How much do you trust the information on

After the research shared by Dr Hollyoake, how could I not focus on how well I’m engendering Trust…

83% answered ‘a lot or a great deal’

Those results are encouraging. The perfectionist in me would like to do even better, but many brands would kill for those scores. What I will do is take on the responsibility of continuing to also share my own opinion & carefully vet new guest bloggers. I want this site to be one that you can continue to trust & come back to as a treasury when you have leadership challenges or questions.

Q8) How likely is it that you would recommend to a friend or colleague?

Last but not least the classic NPS question. Like many, I have some scepticism about the usefulness of this metric.

67% are passive scores + 33% promoter scores

But, a score of 33 & no detractors is encouraging. My challenge is obviously the passives. Given the other answers in this survey, I suspect I need to ensure sufficient breadth of relevant content for it to be useful for you to recommend to others.

That relevance challenge is one of the ones I will focus on in 2020. Blended with your steer to slightly increase the diversity of guest bloggers & perhaps share slightly more complex content. I hope I can count on you to let me know if I get it right or the other topics that you want to see.

Last word on sharing your feedback

Finally, in my annual survey, I also ask for suggestions to improve this site. It is a free text box, for you to share anything you like. Most people don’t complete it or simply include praise, which is encouraging but less useful.

One suggestion that struck me and summed up a number of comments was:

As above – more guest blogs/features/ Q & As, etc – you are a well-networked guy!

Thanks for the compliment & I’m glad to see that aligns with my plans above. So, I will seek to do that in 2020.

Any other suggestions? A final chance for you to have your say on how this blog should develop during 2020. Please use the comment box below. Thanks again for being a reader of this blog. I appreciate your time.