January 5, 2018

Reflecting on your progress in 2017, learning to set the right goals for 2018

By Paul Laughlin

progress in 2017During the first week of this New Year, there’s still time to reflect on your progress in 2017.

I hope our latest posts on goal setting for 2018 (and specific goals) have been useful. It is well worth taking time, to hone the right goals for this year, including spreading delivery across quarters.

But, before finalising what to set as your new goals, have you taken time to learn from 2017?

Have you reviewed how you did, against last year’s goals & why?

I’m pleased to say that here at Customer Insight Leader blog we achieved two of the key goals we set.

Firstly, our monthly unique visitor numbers exceeded 2,000. Secondly, we added 14 more guest bloggers to the 15 we celebrated at the end of 2016. A warm welcome to the following new guest bloggers who have joined us in 2017:

The links above will take you to one of their guests post from last year. Many thanks for their contribution to this blog.

But, let’s get back to you. How about your goal or goals for 2017, did you achieve all of them? Has coaching or mentoring helped you stay on track?

Your progress in 2017 = annual survey:

It seems we are overdue for another reader poll, so see below for a quick chance to share your progress & benchmark yourself against other readers…


Sharing progress in 2017 & learning from last year

Thanks in advance to all of you who contribute in this short survey. It will be interesting to compare the results, of what you achieved last year, with your performance at achieving goals in 2016

As per normal, I will share the results, once we have sufficient participants. In the meantime, after answering each question, you can click on the link to see ‘running total‘ results, for that question, so far.

Hopefully we will have sufficient participation to share the results by the end of January.

In the meantime, I encourage you to take time out to reflect on how you did against each of your 2017 goals. You might like to review them using these questions:

  1. Which of your goals did you accomplish?
  2. Which did you celebrate? (taking time to celebrates helps with future motivation & memory)
  3. Which did you struggle with? What was the problem?
  4. Which goals need re-commitment to achieve in 2018?
  5. Which goals need revision, learning from what went wrong, to set better goals for 2018?
  6. Which goals do you want to remove entirely (now you understand more)?
  7. Which new goals are needed (considering topics suggested)?

I hope that checklist helps you. I look forward to hearing your progress.

Have a great start to 2018, by learning from 2017.