November 25, 2014

Poll: Which is your favourite ‘top tip’?

By Paul Laughlin

Billiard_Chalk_and_CueThanks for all the positive feedback I’ve had on our recent series of ‘top tips’ for the different technical teams which make up the full breadth of customer insight. It’s encouraging to know that those tips did help other leaders.

In fact it set me to wondering which top tip was the most helpful. So, to once again help shape future content here on CIL, see below for our latest poll.

Please vote for your favourite ‘top tip’, the one which was most useful to you…


I’ll share the results of that poll once participation is high enough to give us robust results. But I’m not arrogant enough to think that wisdom resides here, so please do also share your ‘top tips’. I’d love to hear about the lessons you’ve learnt while leading a data, analytics, research, database marketing team or whole customer insight department. Go on, use the comments section below & see if others have found the same as you.

Those sharing the most useful or popular tips may be invited to be a guest blogger here (and I’ll find a prize for them as well).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts & seeing your votes – let’s help each other succeed as Customer Insight becomes a profession.