June 20, 2015

Votes are in, do you agree with our survey results?

By Paul Laughlin

iStock photoOn the day when the British Polling Council opposed a bill¬†regulating opinion polls & provided more details on inquiry into election opinion poll failures¬†(a cause we have championed), I’d like to encourage you to vote here on Customer Insight Leader.


Over the last year, we’ve run short surveys on a wide range of topics. Here are some of the results from you, the Customer Insight Leader “jury”. In our most popular polls so far, the results are…

On the topic of “Which technical areas do you consider to be part of ‘customer insight’?”, your most popular votes are:

  • customer & market research (22%)
  • behavioural & predictive analytics (22%)
  • segmentation (11%)
  • NPS/CSat/CES tracking (11%)
  • marketing effectiveness measurement (11%)
  • consultancy (11%)

On the topic of “Which of the following report into you?” your top votes are:

  • customer & market research (26%)
  • segmentation (12%)
  • NPS/CSat/CES tracking (12%)
  • marketing effectiveness measurement (12%)

So, it seems more of our readers are research leaders & many businesses are still not integrating their analytics & research teams into one reporting line.

many businesses are still not integrating their #analytics & #research into one reporting line Click To Tweet

On the topic of “Which analytics software does your team use?” your top votes have developed over time & now stand as:

  • IBM Predictive analytics/SPSS (27%)
  • SAS (24%)
  • R (16%)
  • Other (30%, largest being Minitab = 4%)

So, still the long-term “big hitters” in terms of statistical software, but the votes for R keep growing over time.

On the topic of “Which support services would you choose?“, your votes show:

  • Training for your customer insight team (39%)
  • A ‘health check’/benchmark your customer insight capability (17%)
  • Bespoke consultancy to solve a specific business issue (17%)
  • Customer Insight Strategy consultancy (11%)
  • Coaching for you, the Customer Insight Leader (11%)

Those results are born out in the shape of demand seen by Laughlin Consultancy, it does seem there’s a real focus on training right now.

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Finally, on the topic of “Where will you focus for your 2015 goals?”, your votes showed this clear preference:

  • Improve measurable commercial impact of insights (18%)
  • Your leadership (18%)
  • Improvements in capabilities of your team (12%)
  • Specific analytics goals (12%)
  • Stakeholder Management (12%)
  • Balance in your life (12%)

Hope you’re still managing to protect time to focus on those.

Our latest poll focuses on the topic of Conduct Risk and how Customer Insight can help provide the evidence FS firms need for the FCA. If that applies to you, then you can vote here.

Please do keep voting in our polls, this site aims to represent the views of you, the Customer Insight Leader population, so we need your feedback. Hopefully the opportunities to rate posts, comment & vote in polls provide you with sufficient feedback opportunities. Do tell us what content you’d like to see in this “conversation“.

Hope that was of interest. Thanks, as ever, for stopping by.