December 12, 2016

Leader survey: Have you achieved your goals for 2016?

By Paul Laughlin

goals for 2016As December draws ever closer to the end of the year, it’s time to review our progress on goals for 2016.

Here at Customer Insight Leader, we set the goal of including more guest bloggers (as requested in our annual reader survey).

I’m pleased to say that we have now reached the total of 15 guest bloggers published in addition to Laughlin Consultancy. Festive thanks to our other contributors:

How about your goal or goals for 2016, how have you done at achieving them? Has coaching or mentoring helped you stay on track?

Your progress in 2016 = leader survey:

It feels like time for another reader poll, so see below for a chance to share your progress & benchmark yourself against other readers…


Interim results to be shared

Thanks in advance to all of you who contribute in this short survey.

It will be interesting to compare the results of what you have achieve this year with two previous surveys:

  1. The most popular goals set for 2016
  2. Your use of coaches or mentors, in more detail

As per normal, I will share interim & final results, once we have sufficient participants. In the meantime, after answering each question, you can click on the link to see ‘running total’ results for that question so far.

Hopefully we will have sufficient participation to share the results before Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend & return refreshed for that final December push to complete your 2016 goals. You can do it!