June 7, 2016

How strong is your database marketing benchmark?

By Paul Laughlin

database marketing benchmarkFollowing the success of our latest ‘applications of analytics’ poll, this month it’s time to gather a database marketing benchmark.

How advanced is your use of database marketing techniques?

Do you have the basics in place? Are you targeting inbound & outbound contacts? Are you coordinating or optimising across all channels?

There are some very impressive technology solutions available today in this space. Vendors can easily bedazzle you with targeting, optimisation & real-time capabilities, often now positioned as how to manage the ongoing ‘conversations’ with your customers.

However, my consultancy work with a number of clients leads me to believe many firms still lack the basics or at least a minimum standard across all channels.

So, let’s see behind what today’s sophisticated CRM & Marketing Automation software can do, to what is happening in practice in businesses like yours.

Time to take our latest database marketing poll & benchmark yourself against other Customer Insight Leaders…

I look forward to seeing your answers and which level of database marketing sophistication is actually being used in businesses today.

For one thing, that will help us shape the content shared here on Customer Insight Leader, around the topic of database marketing. I’m conscious that recent months have seen much more of a focus on research & analytics. But, a well functioning database marketing team who can evidence commercial return to the business, can be the engine room for a wider customer insight department. So, we will continue to bring DBM related content to this blog as well.

Hopefully you can help make this a popular database marketing benchmark poll, to inform our wider community on best practice & where there are still gaps to close.

Thanks for your time, I’ll share reflections & recommendations, based on the results (once there is sufficient sample).