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July 16, 2018

Which book has helped you develop most, as a leader?

By Paul Laughlin

Before continuing with more book reviews, it makes sense to hear which book has helped you develop most.

As a site dedicated to customer insight leadership, we want to focus on those resources that help you. As you look back at your leadership career, which book has helped you develop most, as a leader?

Time for another poll, to help guide future book reviews on this site. If you haven’t felt you have the time to contribute a full book review, please take the time to let us know your favourite book.

Listening to our readers

It’s been many months since our last poll, so this seems a good time to survey once more.

Over this month and last, I’ve shared a variety of book reviews. Giving you a chance to hear about books that have helped me, William, Tony and Annette. Plus a review of a book penned by Gerry, one of our regular guest bloggers (I’m currently reading Tony’s new book, so that review is coming).

But, although classics like “7 habits” & “Time to Think” are cited by many leaders, each person has their own development journey. For example, Hanne’s review of “The Goal” was completely new to me.

So, I hope this poll will give you an opportunity to share the book that has helped you most. I will include the opportunity to vote for one we have reviewed already, to help guide future readers.

Please take the time to vote in our quick one question poll. There is opportunity to add a book that is not currently listed. I look forward to seeing which book gets the most votes.

Which book has helped you develop most? (Vote)

Without further ado, here is our latest one question poll:

If you’ve not heard of any of the books listed, you can find reviews in our books section.

Happy reading

I hope these two summer months focussed on reading have encouraged you to read more.

As the warm weather continues, why not invest CPD time in a good read? Plus, if it really helps you gain new insights as a leader, please do vote for it our poll. I’m also still open to sharing guest book reviews this month, just contact me.