using coaching
August 10, 2016

Are you strengthening by using Coaching or Mentoring?

By Paul Laughlin

As our Olympians continue their efforts to move up that medal table, it’s time for another poll here. This time focussed on understanding how you are using coaching or mentoring.

Please answer the quick survey below, to help us all see the current state of using these roles to help develop leaders.

It will be fascinating to see how today’s customer insight leaders have embraced use of coaches or mentors (or not). As per usual, once we have sufficient responses, I will share findings here.

Hopefully, that helps us all benchmark our approach & consider what might help us strengthen in future. So, without further ado, here is your latest survey. First some questions about use of coaches:

Now let’s turn our focus to use of mentors:

Next, how are you doing with your 2016 goals?

Lastly, let’s check how much time you protect for the important task of developing yourself & your leadership.

It will be fascinating to see the answers to all those questions. Will there be more use of mentors than coaches? Will the use of either be seen as essential? How much time are insight leaders protecting for their personal development? Are those using coaching achieving their goals?

Thanks in advance for sharing. I hope the results can provide some lessons for us all (especially when compared to progress on those 2016 goals confirmed previously). Feel free to share this post with other insight leaders, so we can garner feedback as widely as possible.

Meanwhile, keep enjoying the games.