April 6, 2016

How do you benchmark on our latest analytics poll?

By Paul Laughlin

analytics pollThis month we will focus more on analytics. Following last year’s analytics poll, concerning which software you use, this time we turn to the topic of what you do with it.

Akin to the different interpretations of what “Customer Insight” means, I find different leaders focus on different types of analytics to guide their businesses.

Even if we focus on analytics to inform marketing, there is a growing array of analytical approaches & statistical methods from which to choose. So, to help inform our content & hopefully pique your interest, today’s analytics poll will check who is using the methods I’ve seen prove effective. Are you ahead of the curve or missing a trick?

Time to take our latest analytics poll & benchmark yourself against other Customer Insight Leaders…


I look forward to seeing your answers and the most popular analytical methods being used to guide marketing decisions today. Please feel free to add your own answers if I have missed something that matters to your business (perhaps even something obvious).

Hopefully we can make this a big analytics poll to inform where marketing is making use of analytics & where there are still gaps to close.

Thanks for your time, I’ll share reflections & recommendations, based on the results (once there is sufficient sample).