2020 reader survey
January 6, 2020

How are we doing at meeting your need? Time for the 2020 Reader Survey

By Paul Laughlin

As a blog focussed on gaining insight into your customers, it’s time for our 2020 Reader Survey. How well is this blog serving you, our customers?

I’ve shared previously the results from our 2018 & 2017 reader surveys. The key themes from both of those have helped shape both the content of this blog & the proportion of guest bloggers.

It may now be time to reassess the content of most relevant for our audience. It may be time for a site redesign to catch-up with more modern aesthetics. However, it might also serve you best to continue as we are.

A plan to be more customer-centric here

So, rather than assume I know what you need, here is the plan for this blog to be more customer-centric:

  1. See below for details of how to complete our 2020 Reader Survey – that should help inform where any changes are needed.
  2. This year I plan to launch the Customer Insight Leader podcast. That will publish interviews with many different leaders & their ideas will also help shape our content here.
  3. Finally, I will continue to meet & work with a variety of senior leaders across Data, Analytics, Data Science & Market Research. Their questions & suggestions will also help inspire new content.

I hope that sounds like a good plan to keep listening to you, as a community, in 2020. If you have any other suggestions, always feel free to reply in the comment box at the bottom of every post.

Generating Customer Insights for 2020 content

Rather than have a knee-jerk reaction to any single source of feedback, I will also be considering the behavioural evidence. By that I mean the information provided by Google Analytics into most-read posts & greatest engagement when shared on social media.

To best use all those inputs, I will be following the advice that I published in our series on generating customer insights for propositions:

As proposed in those posts, I will be both converging the evidence from these multiple sources of analysis & research. Then, prompted by common themes & convergence of evidence, I will use the “5 Whys” tool to help elicit potential insights.

Once I have some prioritised insights and plans as to how execute on them, I will share them back with you our readers. That should help provide accountability to implement those changes.

How to take part in our 2020 Readers Survey

As in previous years, I have first issued the survey to those who subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribing is the best way to ensure you get first access to free resources or tools, as well as a weekly update on new content.

Below is the link to complete our short 2020 Readers Survey. Hopefully, all the questions are self-explanatory. There are only 10 questions to answer and all but the last two are multiple-choice. Please do answer those final two questions, to guide what changes would help you most.

Here is the survey, I look forward to reading your answers:

Customer Insight Leader’s reader feedback survey

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Thanks again & I look forward to continuing to hear from you all during 2020. Have a great year!