January 24, 2018

2018 Annual Reader Survey results – how did we do in 2017?

By Paul Laughlin

2018 annual reader surveyThanks to all our newsletter subscribers, who participated in our 2018 annual reader survey. Time to see, if this blog is still achieving the positive feedback, provided on 2016 content.

This is the opportunity that we take, each January, to check-in with you. After all, we can’t preach a message of customer insight being so key & never research our own customers!

Seriously, this site exists to help Customer Insight Leaders, like you, to succeed in your roles & make a difference in your organisations. For that reason, we want to ensure that the mix of content we publish here is helping you.

Google Analytics can tell us so much, about digital journeys & most clicked/read content, but it is always worth supplementing with human feedback.

So, without further delay, here are the results from this year’s reader survey…

2018 Annual Reader Survey results: Content Questions

Q1:Overall, how well does CustomerInsightLeader.com meet your needs?

2018 annual reader survey Q1

It’s good to see that we are still meeting our readers needs. Scores of at least ‘somewhat well’ & for 75% of our readers, ‘very well’ or ‘extremely well’. Still some room for improvement, but looks like we are getting a lot right. We will see some areas for improvement in the feedback at the end of this survey.

Q2: How easy is it to find what you are looking for on CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q2

This is our version of the Customer Effort Score (CES) that we have discussed previously. No major problems, but clearly still some work to do. I will explore further how navigation could be improved (perhaps through a different menu system). Would you value a menu based on popular topics, rather than opinion/books/polls?

Q3: Would you like more or less frequent posts on CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q3

It seems we have the frequency of new posts about right. So, for 2018, I will continue to aim at two new blog posts per week. If you want to get a handy short email each week, just summarising the new content, then please sign-up for our weekly newsletter (the form is towards top right of this page).

Q4: Would you like more or less “guest posts” on CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q4

I’m pleased to see the continued demand for guest blog posts. It’s been a growing theme for me to bring you a wider variety of voices & opinions. We expanded our number of guest bloggers by 15 during 2016, and have added 14 more last year. Given half of you would still like a few more guest blog posts, I will aim to grow this further across 2018.

2018 Annual Reader Survey results: Satisfaction Questions

Q5:How visually appealing is CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q5

It is encouraging to see such positive scores for the visual appeal of what is still a low-budget, non-commercial site. But there is still room for improvement. I previously shared the thinking that went into rebranding this blog site. When reviewing potential improvements to site navigation, I will also seek to improve visual appeal. If you have any more specific recommendations, please do let me know.

Q6: How easy is it to understand the information on CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q6

This is a second variant of ‘ease’ question, but further from original intention of CES method. My concern was to ensure that our content is accessible & readers are satisfied with this level of complexity. It’s great to see that the vast majority find posts very easy, to extremely easy, to understand. Given the context of other answers, I will continue to aim at the current balance (between accessibility & over simplification).

Q7:How much do you trust the information on CustomerInsightLeader.com?

2018 reader survey Q7

This is perhaps the most heart warming result of all. As I share on our About page, this blog aims to be an independent trusted voice to help customer insight leaders in their challenging role. I’m so reassured & genuinely moved that you find our content so trustworthy. Throughout 2018 I will continue to quality check our content & not betray your very welcome trust.

Q8: How likely is it that you would recommend CustomerInsightLeader.com to a friend or colleague?

2018 reader survey Q8

This is our NPS question, hopefully familiar to many of you. An NPS of 62 is certainly encouraging (and one that many FS firms would kill for). It’s particularly encouraging to see such a low proportion of ‘passives’ – apathy is normally the biggest challenge. So, for now, I will assume that focussing on the areas of improvement discussed so far will be sufficient. Please do recommend this blog to other customer insight, data & analytics leaders you know. With such well rated content, I’d like to share it with as wide an audience as possible (where relevant).

2018 Annual Reader Survey results: Text box feedback

Q9:How could we improve CustomerInsightLeader.com?

This it the first of two, free-form questions, where In sought wider feedback. Thanks to all who responded. As well as some more kind words, there were a few common themes coming through the text analysis.

Top suggestions to improve this blog were:

  • Improve navigation to find what readers are looking for (considering different terms for same thing)
  • More content that goes in-depth into relevant topics (perhaps like our series on Blockchain or Data Quality reporting)

Thanks for those suggestions & I will act upon that feedback during 2018.

Q10: Which topics would you like CustomerInsightLeader.com to cover this year?

Our last question, another one prompting free-form text as verbatim feedback. More useful ideas came out when analysing for key themes.

Top topics requested were:

  • As well as more advanced topics, include some ‘basics’ posts that can be shared with less experienced colleagues
  • Advice on drafting a Customer Insight Strategy ( a starter is here – but I will look to add more)
  • Further content on AI and how it is changing businesses (building on the InsurTech AI post shared here)

Thanks for those ideas. I or one of our guest bloggers will look to fill those gaps during 2018.

2018 Annual Reader Survey results: Anything else?

Thanks again for your feedback, readers. It is appreciated and I hope you have seen, over the last two years, that I act on your feedback to continually improve this blog.

Before closing this post, I just want to ask if you have anything else to say about this blog that hasn’t come out in the above review? If so, always feel free to use our comment boxes (or social media) to let me know what you think. Your opinion is valued. After all, you are my customers!

Have a great rest of 2018.