February 14, 2015

Valentine to Infographic?

By Paul Laughlin


Browsing Google Images this morning, you would think Valentine’s day was to celebrate love for the Infographic. There are so many published this year!

Well if you can’t beat them…

I’ve mentioned before the benefit of infographics, as well as other forms of data visualisation. They help you better grab attention and enable your readers to digest information faster. Plenty of studies have shown faster understanding of visually presented information, as well as better recall; at least for the majority of the population.

So, without further ado. With the aim of being topical. Here are my favourite Valentine’s Day infographics from the plethora on offer:

(1) From LoveSales (more diversity in gifts than you might expect): LoveSales_Infographic


(2) Then from DailyInspiration, the economic importance of the day:



(3) Finally, SLI Systems share the top eCommerce searches this year:



Hope those were at least a fun distraction. Perhaps they gave you some ideas for your next infographic? Meanwhile, whatever you do, have a great Valentine’s Weekend and let us know if you discover any insights (that you can share)!