November 14, 2014

Get your geek on and enjoy the visuals

By Paul Laughlin

SEO-ChartFor those you who have been asking for more digital specific insights and technical advice, I have been listening. To complement our recent content more focussed on effective insight leadership (see our ongoing ‘3 tips’ series), here are two guest items with a digital and technology emphasis.

First up is a post from BraveMedia’s blog, shedding some light on the murky and ever-changing world of Google’s search algorithms, for those challenged with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for their digital marketing content. What drew me to this post in the first place is the rather cool and eye-catching visualisation, so it is also another example of effective information visualisation.

The next guest content covers the potentially dry, but vitally important, topic of data modelling, when building or enhancing databases. I’ve recently been reviewing training material on this topic for a client who now needs an ‘in house’ CRM system. What struck me about is the simplicity and effective summarisation of material which is too often left to appear overly complex, perhaps so non-IT types don’t challenge too much? So, I share this as an example of both an important skill for customer data management teams (within customer insight not just IT) and as an example of keeping it simple.

I hope those were helpful and you enjoyed some unashamed ‘geekiness’ this time. But for those of you are thinking “all I heard was blah, blah, blah, blah”, don’t worry I’ll be returning to the English language next week.

Have a good weekend and do share your best tips for SEO or Data Modelling, I’m sure there are plenty of equally good resources out there.