September 5, 2014

Free chapters from Outside In for you to download

By Paul Laughlin

Outside In coverOne of the things I’ve heard you’d value is also having opinion published here from other authors. So, I’ve created a new section called “Others” to provide opinion and resources that I find online and think you’d value. I will also publish offers for free stuff whenever possible.

As a first entry, I’m sharing a link to follow-up on the positive book review that I posted for “Outside In”. Since then (hopefully prompted by it), Forrester have relaunched an offer for you to be able to download a couple of chapters of that book for free, just by sharing your contact details.

If you liked the review & fancy checking out the book for free first, then you can find the offer here.

Plus, here’s their video summary of the book, just to offer you more variety of media on this site (another thing I’m working on):

Do let me know of anything else you’d like to see in this section and your thoughts on the content so far. I hope it helps.