festive insight
December 15, 2016

Festive Insight pickings – some seasonal content to get you in the mood

By Paul Laughlin

I don’t know about you, but it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here (with rain instead of snow). So, I thought it was time for a more light-hearted collection of festive insight content.

My original motivation was to find some potential present recommendations for your insight team, as I did last year. But, to be frank, I’ve left that a bit late.

So, assuming you are still sober enough (after the office Christmas jamboree) to read this post – hope you enjoy this collection.

Perhaps this smorgasbord of Christmassy insight content will help you feel even more festive & a little better informed.

Here are the results of my festive scavenger hunt…

Christmas in numbers: Data Visualisation

Let’s start with one of our favourite topics on this blog (and my twitter feed), Data Visualisation.

With so many bad examples around, it was great to find this example outside of formal awards to encourage better quality. Not all the 10 examples included are up to the quality of Tufte’s rules and I must warn you that there is a bias towards infographics. But, hey, it’s the season of goodwill & most do a decent job of communicating an interesting variety of Christmas facts.

Hope you enjoy them & perhaps they could spark some ideas for your internal comms use of data viz. So, with thanks to Matillion:

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Storytelling & Festive Fun for researchers

Better still, is this contribution by Brain Juicer. Apparently it’s become a Christmas tradition for this leading research agency to produce some fun content for Christmas. This year they have made a great effort with this retelling of ‘A Christmas Carol’.

We always like to see a focus on storytelling skills here at Customer Insight Leader.

Those working in or with Customer Research teams, prepare to laugh your socks off (or smile ruefully) at Crosstab’s Ghost. I expect data analysts will especially enjoy this one…

A Research Christmas Carol

Editor’s Note: Here is a special treat reposted from the BrainJuicer blog. It was simply too good not to share. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! By Tom Ewing It was a snowy December night, and Ebenezer Brand, Head of Insights at a grand confectionery firm, was walking home.

How those Christmas films can help you make the case for analytics

Corny does not begin to describe this festive contribution from Information Builders, but perhaps that suits the content.

If you are secretly relishing sitting down to watch Home Alone for the 100th time, check out this review of how BI or Analytics could have helped. They also consider data help for Jingle all the Way, Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story.

Prepare to feel nostalgic…

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Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumpers? For Data Scientists?

OK this post is actually aimed at all “techie” roles (or geeks as many prefer to be called). But, I thought, as many Data Scientists are more focused on coding skills & technology than customer insight, they’d qualify. This post by Engadget (always good for checking out the latest gadgets & trends), was too silly to pass up.

So, finally, just for fun – here are some Christmas Jumper ideas for you Data Scientists. Hope you enjoy:


Happy Christmas Prep

I hope this silly post has provided you with some light relief, amidst the final push with work & your own Christmas ‘To Do list‘.

All the best with it all & remember to ‘enjoy the journey’ as they say! 😉