March 11, 2015

How to get back to Customer Centric as the point

By Gerry Brown

iStock photoAfter so much media attention to the terms Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Scientist, I’m pleased to see that attention is returning to topics like being “Customer Centric“.

Without cultural change within most organisations, ever more sophisticated use of data & analytics will just make them more efficient at irritating the customer rather than actually improving those vital relationships.

Despite the fact that Big Data still dominates Google searches…

…there are encouraging signs of more focus on application for the benefit of the customer. Here are a few sources I’ve found recently.

In this article for Inc magazine, Aaron Aders reminds us of the importance of breaking down silos, building relationship with IT, owning data/analysis and thinking omni-channel in your marketing.

4 Steps to Making Customer-Centric Marketing a Priority at Your Organization


There’s also some great practical advice in the SlideShare from customericare. I particularly like the focus on empowering employees (not scripts), designing products for your customers (inc their emotions), content creation & enabling dialogues.


The customer-centric product design points remind me that I plan to share more in future posts on customer insight generation for product (in fact whole proposition) design.

On the topic of becoming customer centric and saving customers from bad customer service, you couldn’t hope for a more impassioned advocate than Gerry Brown. With the great job title of The Customer Lifeguard, he also shares some useful resources on this site which are well worth a look (Gerry is ever practical).


If this topic has grabbed your attention, then you might also like to know about the Latest Thinking blog available from WCL (or Think CX by another name):


This business focusses on helping companies benchmark their customer centricity and improve their experience through skilled & experience associates (time to declare an interest as I have joined them as an associate and write for their site as well).

Whether you check them out or not, I hope that topic has got you thinking. How are you keeping Customer Centricity alive in your team?