January 16, 2015

Awards & trends for Research 2015

By Paul Laughlin

NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Primetime Emmy AwardEven though we are still fresh into a new year, it is around this time that we often see a spate of awards and pundits forecasting the key trends for the year. A few of these have caught my eye so I thought I’d share those I think add value. As there are developments in each of the technical disciplines which make up Holistic Customer Insight, it will be a review which covers a number of weeks. To start this week, let’s focus on the awards & trends for research in 2015.


The award I want to highlight is the DIVAs Europe award run by Infotools. What strikes me as important about these awards is the focus on best practice examples of storytelling and data visualisation in research reports. For that reason the examples of winners & strong contenders here should also be of interest beyond the research community – there are lessons that could be learnt by plenty of analytics professionals as well. Anyway, judge for yourself and if you’ve been delivering quality storytelling & visualisation to help your research make an impact, then consider entering. Here are the details:

All you need to know to enter the DIVAs Europe 2015














Forecasting the research trends for the year is always a bit of a black art but some common sense predictions have been made by the American Marketing Association. I can see the evidence of progress on each of the trends they mention and welcome improvements in those areas. I particularly support the point about increasing influence from research/insight teams within organisations. That is why developing customer insight leadership into an identified is so important and a key ambition of the work in Laughlin Consultancy. Anyway, here are those 4 trends identified by the AMA:

The Future of Insights: Four Trends for 2015














Finally, as all good researchers will tell you, there is no point theorising or forecasting what people will do without talking to get their perspective. So, it’s encouraging to see the annual engagement that happens in the production (again in the USA) of the GreenBook. It will be interesting to see the findings from this Q1 survey of research trends, so I for one am participating with my perspective. Here is the link if you also want to share your views of how research is developing and likely future trends for your team:

GreenBook Blog| GreenBookBlog.org














I hope was interesting. In future weeks I will share details of key awards & 2015 forecasts from the other skill-sets within Holistic Customer Insight. If you come across something you think we should be highlighting, please get in touch.