March 2, 2015

#FromTheCupboard videos

By Paul Laughlin

YouTube-logo-full_colorAs a quirky teaser campaign prior to #CAI2015, I published a series of short videos. In these I was interviewed by the conference organiser on a variety of topics relevant to that event. In case you missed this genesis of a YouTube channel for Customer Insight Leader, I’m sharing the full series below.

I will also be making more use of video in future and once the channel has sufficient content, adding it as another menu on this site. Do please let me have your feedback on whether or not you find this media useful and/or engaging. Future videos will seek to have higher production values!

So, without further ado, here’s that #FromTheCupboard series in full:

1) Introduction to Laughlin Consultancy:

2) Top priority for FS firms in the area of insight & analytics:

3) Biggest challenge in improving the customer experience:

4) Omni-channel experience, the real challenge:

5) Demonstrating the business case for investing in data & analytics:

6) Marketing measurement – a key theme for #CAI2015:

Hope you found that useful or at least amusing awful! Do let me have your feedback, either here or on my neophyte YouTube channel.