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October 12, 2018

Two useful events to consider attending this month

By Paul Laughlin

Francesco’s great debrief on the “Rise of AI” conference in Berlin, heralds a month focussed on useful events.

I will be sharing details of events that I consider worth attending & later this month also posting debrief summaries from those useful events.

Both of these events are ones that I will be personally attending, so can vouch for. As I’ve encouraged previously, consider carefully which events will provide real value to you. Avoid the mega conferences where size can replace relevance for you. I recently heard a speaker compare these to the “supermarket sweep” of events, with their focus on exhibition stands & giveaways. For me, I’m afraid that includes large events like Technology for Marketing & Big Data London, both of which I will be avoiding.

So, without further ado, here are two events. I recommend attending both. I will be reporting on both in future posts…

Useful events: (1) Data Leaders Summit Europe 2018

The first of my recommended useful events is the Data Leaders Summit Europe. This is once again held in Barcelona, a great venue for getting leaders away from the office & still having an attractive city environment. I will be chairing this event for the third year running, so I am bias. But, chatting with many who attend, it is considered one of the best of its kind.

The main benefit of this summit is that it does manage to attract the people it is marketed to. Unlike so many conferences, that are more than half filled with vendors & consultants, the audience is filled with data leaders. Most come from the UK, but there is growing European & even international attendance.

Having practitioner leaders in the room & presenting prompts more honest presentations & relevant debates. Delegates often cite in their feedback that they felt both reassured (that they were not so far behind others) & left with practical ideas to put into action.

You can get a better idea for the kind of content, that is presented at this summit, by reading debriefs. Here are two that I posted from last year’s Summit:

Data Insight Leaders Summit 2017 Day One – a debrief

Data Insight Leaders 2017 Day Two – the final countdown

I hope those are helpful & give you a good idea of the likely content to expect. Lucy Bradley & her team from Worldwide Business Research do a great job of designing a well received agenda. This is due to both the effort she puts into researching what leaders want to learn & the conversations she hosts with speakers & chair. As with most things in life, you get out what you put in & this event is reaping the fruit of that.

To find out more about the event & book, here is their website. On there you can also find this Research Report that I produced to guide our conversations:

Results of survey for Data Insight Leaders Survey 2017

Useful events: (2) Customer Experience for Financial Services conference, Europe

Another event in its third incarnation, this one is run by FinTech Network. One of the big benefits they bring to this event is their network, across both FinTech startups and large FS firms. These events are a great opportunity to encourage conversation between these two parties.

The topic also avoids a common pitfall when considering FinTechs and innovation, becoming transfixed with technology. Instead the focus of all content is on Customer Experience. So technical & business focussed content is applied to the challenge of “how does it help the customer”. As I have blogged before, this also encourages a much needed focus on Customer Insight to guide innovation.

To give you an idea of the subjects & speakers you can expect at this event, here is my debrief from last year’s event:

How FinTech meets CX and needs Insight in 2017

Another great line-up is planned for this year’s event & I look forward to hearing from a lot of major Insurers and Banks. Glad to see them bucking the trend of being too cautious as a sector.

I’ve provided more notice for this event, so I really hope to see a number of my FS clients & friends there. Especially those based in London. Watch out for me getting conversations round to the need for softer skills and customer insight! 😉

If reading those debriefs has intrigued you, you can find more details about this event & book to attend on 30-31 Oct (in London) here:

Useful events: Which do you plan to attend?

As we spend this month sharing on useful events for data, analytics & AI leaders, it would be great to hear from you.

Which events do you plan to attend? Which have proved useful in the past? Please do share.

Our popular guest blogger, Hanne Sorteberg, first joined us because she shared with me this great debrief of Data Leaders Summit. Could you also use a debrief from an event you found useful to join our company of guest bloggers? I look forward to hearing your perspective.

See you around…