Merry Christmas 2018
December 21, 2018

A very Happy Christmas to all our readers, plus our Top Ten from 2018

By Paul Laughlin

Merry Christmas, readers! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time, with your family & friends. I also wish you a very Happy New Year, when 2019 finally arrives.

Over the festive holiday, we will be taking our own advice & benefitting from a complete break. So there will be no more new blog posts until after 2nd Jan 2019.

In the meantime, you might like to catch up on any key posts you missed. These are our most popular (Top Ten) posts for 2018.

In order, from the most viewed posts during the year. Here are the top ten Customer Insight Leader blog posts of 2018:

(1) Our definition for the term ‘Customer Insight’

Customer Insight, what do you think of this for definition?

(2) How to create a Stakeholder Map

How to create a Stakeholder Map and why you need one

(3) How to generate insights for propositions

How to generate insights for better propositions (part 1)

(4) How to measure your Marketing Effectiveness

How to measure your Marketing Effectiveness, using a breadth of Customer Insight

(5) The benefits of a Competency Framework for analysts

The benefits of a competency framework for your analysts

(6) Applications of Analytics for insurance pricing

Applications of analytics for insurance pricing (using 3 types of data)

(7) Do you benefit from full breadth of Customer Insight?

Do you benefit from the full breadth of Customer Insight?

(8) How to start creating a Customer Insight strategy

How to start creating the Customer Insight Strategy you need

(9) Role Definition Workshops

Role Definition Workshops – from tasks to the roles needed (part 2)

(10) Setting specific goals as an Insight Leader for 2019

Setting yourself specific goals, as an Insight Leader, for 2020

See you again in 2019, for another great year packed with the content you want. Developing the Customer Insight Leaders today’s organisations need.

It has flown by, but just time to say one more time, Merry Christmas 2018…