May 13, 2015

How to get started on Customer Insight and why research matters

By Paul Laughlin

Where to beginThis is the last in series of four posts sharing short video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event in London this July. Having shared interviews covering relevance of event, data challenges & analytics, we now turn to starting out.

At some point during such conferences, I am asked by a delegate how they can get started with Customer Insight. It’s refreshing, after so much spin & sophistication presented by technology suppliers, to have such an honest question. Often it comes from delegates who will openly admit that they have made little or no progress in understanding their customers or acting on real insights. So, the first short interview answers that question.

1) How do I get started?

Over the last few years, I’ve also been struck how much the focus has moved away from research to data & analytics. Most events marketed at customer insight leaders will now focus on Big Data & Predictive Analytics. When I present at such events and talk about Holistic Customer Insight, delegates often ask whether research still matters. So, the next interview tackles that head on.

2) Is research now irrelevant?

Finally, when mingling with delegates and chatting in the breaks at such events, consistently people confess that they will struggle to act on what they’ve heard. Sometimes this is lack of understanding, but more often lack of time amongst all the other prioritise they shoulder as a Customer Insight Leader. So, it seems relevant to share the last video in this series, a short intro to Laughlin Consultancy Ltd. This business has been created to serve the Customer Insight Leader role and customer insight teams, helping them maximise their value.

3) Introducing Laughlin Consultancy:

I hope that was helpful. This site is deliberately aimed at sharing content of relevance to customer insight leaders, rather than pushing sales. But if you would like to chat over any of your challenges, feel free to get in touch.

It would also be great to hear your tips on getting started with insight.