April 30, 2015

How do you judge value before attending?

By Paul Laughlin

How do you judge if an event is right for you? With all business leaders living such busy lives these days, even free events cost you valuable time to attend, so you need a way to judge value in advance.

A helpful trend is the more common practice, recently, of conferences releasing pre-event videos or podcasts.

This enables potential delegates to hear speakers, so as to judge value & relevance to them.

In preparation for  “Multichannel Sales & Marketing Strategy – business tour for winning retailers” on 1-3 July in London, a series of video interviews have been produced. Today I’ll share those related to the event itself. These are organised to each answer one of the questions we hear potential delegates ask.

1) Who should come to this event?

2) Given international reach of this event, is it relevant to firms in any nation?

3) What should you expect from the Customer Insight sections of this event?

If you’re thinking of potentially attending this event, I hope you found that material useful.

Do you have any other questions you’d like to be answered before deciding whether or not it’s valuable for you?