May 2, 2015

Data challenges & value opportunities for retailers

By Paul Laughlin

Data challengesOne of the themes of video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event has been questions on data. What data challenges do multi-channel retailers face? How can they start acting on  data? How do they choose the right technology?

So, as a second preview to this event (Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy), shown below are three short video interviews answering those questions. In just a few minutes each, these are of course only brief introductions as to what you need to consider. But hopefully they give you a feel for the guidance that will be available at this event, through talks, Q&A and exercises.

Without further ado, let’s focus on those data questions…

(1) What’s the biggest data challenge faced by multi-channel retailers?

(2) How should retailers be acting on their customer data?

(3) How can you choose the technology you need to help you?

I hope those were useful. It can seem daunting at first. Both improving your quality data access & deriving value from acting on that data (or insights derived from that data) is a multi-year journey. But real value comes from starting, step by step, to show your business that data progress can be made.

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How have you taken steps forward in customer data management & usage?