March 20, 2015

Event: FSF annual members’ conference

By Paul Laughlin

logo-tfsf-205x68On 24th March, the Financial Services Forum (FSF) held their annual members conference, with approx. 100 delegates across FS firms & agencies.

A number of marketing experts shared their experience, including Alan Gilmour, Liana Dinghile & Christophe Langlois. They covered relevant topics for FS firms today: Customer Centricity, Clear Communications & use of Social Media. Sadly, I missed most of their presentations due to other meetings, however Christophe shared some useful reminders to think of social as a new way of doing business rather than a separate channel (including example of an Indian bank offering “hashtag banking” enabling various transactions via Twitter).

Here is the agenda, as well as further information on those speakers (see below for my slides via SlideShare):

The Financial Services Forum – Event details

I shared on Behavioural Economics; what it is and how to apply the theory to improve your customer communications. There was great engagement from the audience and several relevant questions in the Q&A that followed. Those slides are now published on SlideShare, together with other recent presentations:

So, this was a really interesting and well hosted event with plenty of time for intelligent Q&A following each presentation. I’d recommend checking out the Financial Services Forum if you have not done so already.