Happy Christmas
December 23, 2020

Wishing a Happy Christmas to all our readers + our 2020 Top Tens

By Paul Laughlin

Just a quick post to wish you all a safe & Happy Christmas. Hope you can really relax, enjoying the season, especially after the tough times we have all faced during 2020. 

I am going to be taking a complete break from work & blogging over the Christmas & New Year holidays. Hope you are able to do the same.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some reading or listening to keep you occupied, here’s our most popular content during 2020.

Our most popular blog posts during 2020

Thanks again to all who kept visiting our blog during this year of lockdowns. Our post-reading stats reflect the diversity of interests of the leaders we serve with this blog. I hope you continue to find content that is helpful for you here & let us know if you want another topic covered.

Our top 10 blog posts for 2020 (by unique visitors)

  1. Do you need a Data Science Product Manager in your team?
  2. Role Definition Workshops, a simple method to tune your team
  3. Stakeholder Segmentation: Why you need one and video personas
  4. Setting yourself specific goals, as an Insight Leader, for 2020
  5. Data Visualisation 2 – because there is so much to Data-Driven Design
  6. Role Definition Workshops – from tasks to the roles needed (part 2)
  7. So much more to see in the data at the first #datavizlive (part 1 of 2)
  8. Applications of analytics for insurance pricing (using 3 types of data)
  9. How to measure your Marketing Effectiveness, using a breadth of Customer Insight
  10. On Setting Goals & the signposts that make good progress happen

Congratulations to guest bloggers Hanne Sorteberg & William Buist for making into our Top Ten this year.

Our most popular podcast leader interviews of 2020

One of our successes during 2020 was the launch of the Customer Insight Leader podcast. I’m delighted this has proved so popular and have enjoyed the conversations with each leader. Thanks to all who gave of their time & shared their experience so freely. Once again, the diversity of different types of insight leader shows through in our Top Ten.

Our top 10 podcast interviews for 2020 (by plays on any podcast app)

  1. Suresh Pillai (episode 22)
  2. Elizabeth Hollinger (episode 23)
  3. Firas Khnaisser (episode 25)
  4. Harvinder Atwal (episode 1)
  5. Kanika Chaganty (episode 13)
  6. Rob Kellaway (episode 27)
  7. Harry Wilkes (episode 17)
  8. Kevin Crowley (episode 24)
  9. Enda Ridge (episode 9)
  10. Scott Logie (episode 20)

Thanks for listening & congratulations to all my guests who made the Top Ten most listened list. Who will retain that title through 2021 I wonder?

What would you like this blog to share during 2021?

As we look forward to both a Happy Christmas break and a more hopeful New Year, what else would you like to see on this site? Please let me know using our contact form, or the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you and want to ensure the content we share continues to serve our leadership community.

So, I look forward to sharing more relevant content with you in 2021, but not until after we’ve all a well earned holiday. Plus, I hope you get some time to reflect (perhaps on your own story), it always helps me.

Warm festive regards,