January 16, 2016

Pre-conference workshops, do they work for you?

By Paul Laughlin

Pre-conference workshopPre-conference workshops. Have you ever tried them? Did you get value out of them?

We’ve shared before the ways you can judge the value of insight & analytics conferences before committing. With more pre-conference content marketing, it’s more & more possible to select the events that will provide the expertise & themes you seek.

But what about the trend to having pre or post conference workshops or 1 to 1 sessions? Have you participated in those and found them valuable?

I’m asking because, for the first time, I’m providing such a workshop. Prior to “Big Data & Analytics for Insurance”, on the 26th Jan at Doubletree Victoria in London. For that day, I’ll be running a workshop to help delegates better understand the role Customer Insight can play in helping them mitigate their Conduct Risks.

Prior posts on this blog & at our corporate site, have shared about the training & consultancy that has helped a number of Financial Services firms improve their Conduct Risk management through better use of Customer Insight. This workshop is more of an overview, that will enable delegates to identify where they need to focus. Further details are available here:

Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation for Insurance

Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation technology has created a wealth of opportunities for the insurance sector. Data Analytics is offering deeper insights into customers, employees and business problems; whilst Intelligent Automation technology is delivering unparalleled performance and business growth through process optimisation. . .

But, as well as advertising that event, I’m keen to hear your views. Are pre-conference workshops like this something you value & want to see available?

I’ve heard from a number of you that you value the videos, white papers, webinars and other content provided free prior to such events. Would you also welcome the opportunity to participate in a workshop?

Please let us know your thoughts. Plus after I’ve also attended “Big Data & Analytics for Insurance”, I’ll provide the normal debrief on key lessons learnt.

If you are attending that event, do let me know, as it’s always great to meet up with readers.